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The Ultimate Real Estate System

Written by Robert G. Allen, the author of several best-selling real estate and finance guides, The Ultimate Real Estate System aims to open the floodgates for a new generation of students interested in making money from the real estate market. A firm believer that real estate can always provide lasting wealth, Robert Allen has included three comprehensive strategies within The Ultimate Real Estate System.

These strategies include advice on how to perform an effective real estate search for assets you can buy below market value, how you can take advantage of homes and other assets which are under foreclosure (before they hit public real estate listings viewable by everyone else), and finally, how you can buy real estate without having to invest any of your own money – or ‘nothing down` as it`s known in the trade.


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Foreclosure Profits Now

In Foreclosure Profits Now, author Matthew Griffin takes the reader through the entire process of earning money via real estate foreclosures. He explains the various stages that foreclosures pass through, such as pre-foreclosure, auction, and REO, and then teaches you in a step-by-step manner how to profit from each of these stages.

Foreclosure Profits Now assists you in the process of locating suitable properties for foreclosures and provides essential tips to evaluate such properties and determine whether or not you`re getting a good deal.

Foreclosure Profits Now aims to show you how you can make handsome profits from real estate foreclosures with minimum risk, and without spending a great deal of money, while the guide also covers the selling of these properties, as well as the acquisition.


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Foreclosure PASS

ForeclosurePASS is a membership site that shows you how to find auctions in your area that sell houses for as little as 10% of their market value. According to the author, this is due to the banks and courts finding themselves in possession of numerous foreclosed mortgages, abandoned properties, and seized houses that they`re desperate to get off their hands.

The benefit of the course is that no special license is required to start making money from foreclosures, while little (if any) experience in the field of real estate is necessary. Tips and advice is provided by seasoned veterans of the industry and they claim that you can make money from the comfort of your home.

The membership fee itself is a one-time payment that provides access to this service for life and the ForeclosurePASS guide is updated daily by their staff.



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`I wanted to offer my testimonial and my sincere appreciation to the great people Robert Allen has in his organization. I am having a lot of fun and know for certain I will be financially free in the near future. In all last year, I will have bought $479,000 worth of property with a monthly cash flow of $1,200 after covering all expenses, debt service, projected long-term repairs, etc. Best of all, no money has left my pocket, it has only come in. I am grateful for all the training, preparation, and coaching I've received thus far that has made this possible. I am also happy to say this is only the beginning.` Keith Schmidt, Iowa


`I am twenty-three years old with zero experience and less credit. After applying Bob Allen's techniques, I was able to buy $915,000 worth of properties with no cash out of my pocket and achieved a cash flow of over $85,000 in my first year of investing!` Michael Di Carli


`Since attending the Robert G. Allen nothing down real estate investing workshop, I was able to buy two properties and sell them immediately for a $30,000 profit!`
Joseph Powe, South Carolina

`In my first-ever deal I acquired a $5.7 million 91 unit apartment building for $4.25 million using none of my own money. There is no way I could have done this real estate deal without Robert Allen`s help!` Greg Warr, New York

`My biggest, quickest, and easiest profits were on two homes in rural areas unfamiliar to me. I told the sellers my fear of the slow market in rural areas, and said my best offer is such and such. I was pleasantly shocked that the sellers just wanted to cash out. The amount of cash was not the criteria. I was able to resell the homes quickly for a profit of $60,000 on one and $35,000 on the other.` Neeld J. Messler Sr.


`Following the real estate strategy I made $10,000 in one transaction that took only one day to complete.` John M, New York

`I was able to purchase a home below market value and sell it for a $22,000 profit. Thanks!` Michael D, California

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